Gay Community Selfish to Ask Athletes to Come Out of the Closet, Says Rugby/Bobsled Star

Retired bobsledder Simon Dunn thinks that  people “shouldn’t feel pressured to come out.”

Simon Dunn (born 27 July 1987 in Goulburn, New South Wales) was the first openly gay male to represent his country in the sport of Bobsled, but then retired in 2016.

He is currently based in London, UK and plays rugby.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard, the 29-year-old gay Aussie said coming out could seriously affect an athlete’s career.

“Everybody’s coming out is personal and in their own time. It is selfish for our community to expect someone to do it because of their public profile. Given the sporting culture, coming out could seriously affect their career.

“I myself was already out when I joined the Australian [bobsleigh] team, but from my own experiences I can understand why someone wouldn’t come out, let alone someone earning and risking millions of pounds.

“I wasn’t exactly welcome within my team growing up. Its not the easiest road to take.

“And also growing up I’d learnt to believe gay men have no place in the sporting world and it took me a very long time to dispel those beliefs.”

I couldn’t agree more that coming out always should be a personal choice.

But it’s important for young people to have role models they can relate to and we appreciate your choice, Simon.


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  1. A lot of people, myself included, risked a lot more than a thirty-year old man does now. I was 37 when you were born. Of course it’s your decision. Do you want to help others, or are you unwilling to take risks?

    People like me put our asses on the line decades before you were born so that people like you could do want you want with your own asses.