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    Stark: Hints for Years That 9-1-1 Buck’s Bi, Tommy May Not Last

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    ‘9-1-1’ is one of the most watched shows on primetime television and recently there has been new interest in the show after one of the main characters, Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley, came out as bisexual.

    Played by British actor Oliver Stark, who has fast become a fan favorite for his intense performances and charismatic screen presence, Buck is the charming heartthrob on the show.

    Stark recently sat down to talk with Tommy DiDario on his show “I’ve Never Said This Before With Tommy DiDario,” about the new direction of the series and about Buck’s sexuality.

    DiDario asks Stark about why is was so excited to take on this new part of who Buck is.

    “I think for a number of reasons, right? So first of all, I do think, and not in any kind of like intentional way, but I do think if you, you know, look back through the years of the show, there are breadcrumbs that have been leading to something, right? To some kind of I’m not happy with myself or there’s a side of myself that I am not quite in tune with yet,” Stark says.

    “So I was excited from that perspective, like purely a kind of storytelling perspective. But then I also think this is a really uniquely positioned character to do this with, right? Where, listen, we’re on a network television show.”

    Stark was considering if he should even bother responding to haters that didn’t like the new plot line, but decided it was important to show that he had absolutely nothing against it.

    “You know, so I wanted to kind of just say something as a show of solidarity and be like, no, there’s nothing about this plot, about this story, about this character, about this community that I have any shame in portraying. And I think it’s a beautiful thing that the show is doing,” he said.

    “And listen, I get comments where people will go to the extreme of saying things like, wait, I don’t want to see any relationships, straight, gay, any, I just want the emergencies.

    And it’s like, well, that’s not a TV show. That’s a documentary. Like you want to go watch Cops.”

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    Stark also talks about Buck’s relationship and kiss with Tommy, and says that Buck has a lot of exploring to do with this new direction in his life.

    “So there’s still a lot of this story left to be told. But I would think that there’s a world where maybe he has opened this door for Buck. And now Buck needs to, you know, walk through it and see what there can be and explore and see what more there is to discover.”

    “So, I mean, that’s certainly one route that I could envision. Or maybe not, you know, maybe, maybe this sticks around for a while and Tommy really helps him, you know, understand more about himself and his feelings. But, yeah, I think maybe there’s also an in-between almost, right?

    “Where Tommy is still in his life, but also understands that this is new for Buck and that there are some things that he has to go and figure out and maybe he can help guide him through that a little bit.”

    It’s clear that Stark’s off-screen persona is as fiery as his on-screen character. He remains unfazed by negative comments and continues to champion for accepting love in all its forms. In this modern era, Stark’s hopeful attitude is a glimmering light of positivity that’s as captivating as his on-screen performances.

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