Stark: Attraction Spurred Buck’s ‘9-1-1’ Tension with Eddie

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After a roller-coaster of emotions portrayed in the popular television Show “9-1-1” when the charming firefighter Evan “Buck” Buckley (played by Oliver Stark) came out as bisexual, the fans were left begging: What’s truly going on between Buck and his charismatic partner Eddie Diaz (played by Ryan Guzman)?

Buck, known for his winning smile and courageous spirit, emerged as a crowd-favorite right from the start of the series. His antics, coupled with undying loyalty towards his team, made him an endearing figure. He’s also cemented as an LGBTQ+ icon after bravely coming out as bisexual, becoming an inspiration for many.

Recently, Buck has found himself involved in a tense romance with Tommy (played by Lou Ferrigno Jr.). Despite this, many fans have wanted Buck to end up in a relationship with Eddie and have been speculating that the real reason Buck didn’t get along with Eddie back in Season 2 was because of a deep-down attraction.

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In a soon-to-be-released interview on the podcast I’ve Never Said This Before With Tommy DiDario, Stark confirms this.

“I think that’s probably quite a wise way to look at it,” Stark said. “Eddie — and Ryan, who plays him — is obviously an attractive man … The introduction of his character is literally Buck turning in slow motion, and ‘What a Man’ is the soundtrack that’s playing, so I think if we look back at that moment, yes, there is definitely an element of that.”

Stark continues: “Not knowing how to how to deal and process those feelings, [Buck] kind of sectioned [them] off into some kind of jealousy and insecurity about himself. Look, Buck was the young, gung-ho, action-hero-y kind of guy of the 118, and then suddenly there was Eddie, who could do everything he could do and was also a single father and an Army vet and was all these really cool things. So yeah, I could absolutely [in] see some of those early moments where they were butting heads, that there was some kind of feeling there that Buck didn’t quite understand … and obviously, they’ve grown so much closer now.”

So may there be a romance between Buck and Eddie later in the show? “Who knows?” Stark answers.

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The potential romance between Buck and Eddie has indeed set the pace for more comprehensive love representation. While the tension between them continues to leave fans on the edge of their seats, this captivating storyline might pave the way for more nuanced portrayals in the future. Until then, fans eagerly wait to see how this intense relationship unfolds. 

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