NFL Hope Byron Perkins and BF Prove Love is the Best Play

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Out athlete Byron Perkins, a promising figure in the world of football and the only open gay player in the 2024 NFL draft, has been tipping hearts and sparking interests not just because of his talent, but also due to his heart-warming relationship with boyfriend James Dunn.

Perkins, who has been playing football since high school, came out to the public a few years ago, proving that dedication and a loving support system can go hand in hand with being authentic, even during the most challenging times. Ever since, Perkins has been challenging stereotypes and busting barriers on the field, all while proudly bearing his identity.

Unfortunately Perkins status as an HBCU player, makes it quite unlikely that he will advance to NFL as only six HBCU players have made it over the last four drafts.

“I just want a fair shot,” Perkins told OutSports. “I can only hope to have a sliver of an opportunity. If I go to a free agency situation, even uttering ‘National Football League,’ that’s a privilege. These guys dedicate their lives to being excellent every day. I’ll let the cards fall how they fall and let God lead me in the direction I need to go to be successful.”

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Apart from his sports prowess, Perkins and Dunn’s social media PDA has been gaining attention lately, with cute photos on Instagram charming all their followers. Captioned endearingly, their posts evidently depict a couple blissfully in love. On the last Valentine’s Day, Dunn posted a photo of them together, writing, “With you, every day feels like Valentine’s Day, my Tesoro!” And who could forget the romantic photo of them watching the eclipse together, the love between them as palpable as the moon in the sky?

As the NFL draft draws nearer, it’s certain that Perkins’ talent, character and authenticity will inspire many, both on and off the field. Regardless of where his career heads, his journey affirms that love knows no bounds. His story will continue to touch hearts, and we can’t wait to see where it leads next. In the meantime, we’ll tune in to his social media for more adorable romantic moments between him and Dunn. After all, Perkins isn’t just winning at the game of football; he’s also triumphing at the game of love!

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