Cherry on Top: Ben Platt and Noah Galvin’s Love Story

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Born in 1993, Los Angeles native Ben Platt first made a splash on the stage with Broadway’s “Pitch Perfect.” With his raw talent and charismatic charm, he then won a Tony for his heartfelt portrayal in “Dear Evan Hansen.” Since then, he’s been seamlessly multi-tasking his talents between music, theater, and screen, making him one of the youngest and fastest rising stars in Hollywood.

Ben’s personal life is as vibrant as his career. A proverbial torchbearer for LGBTQ+ love, he and his fiancé, Noah Galvin have been setting hearts aglow via their public displays of affection ever since confirming their relationship in May 2020. In 2022, Galvin’s romantic beach proposal to Platt was all over social media. It was captured in a candid photo featuring a joyous Platt, a radiant sunset, and a sparkling diamond ring.

This year, the couple continues to thrive and inspire as their newly released home-style video for Ben’s single ‘Cherry on Top’ epitomizes the joy of gay love. Featuring romance-filled scenes set in various Los Angeles landmarks, from their cozy home moments to carefree frolics along the sandy beaches – the video is a full-colored spectrum of queer love. It is a celebration of the soul-deep connection that they share, with a refreshing nod to the city that witnessed their love journey.

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Unabashedly themselves, Ben and Noah have been vocal about their support for the LGBTQ+ community. These two are not only partners in love but also in advocacy, using their platform to enhance visibility and acceptance.

Their ‘Cherry on Top’ video is more than eye-catching visuals. It’s a tribute to love in its most authentic form, magnifying the beauty and normality of gay love. While unaffected by public scrutiny or opinion, Ben Platt and Noah Galvin display that gay love is worth celebrating. As Ben sings in ‘Cherry on Top,’ “It’s a beautiful world, but it’s better with you” – he couldn’t have said it better.

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