Gay ‘Teen Vogue’ Editor’s Epic Tweet Defending Sex-Ed Article

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‘Teen Vogue’ editor Phillip Picardi posts golden tweet storm after right-wing christian nutjobs attack the magazine

Last week, ‘Teen Vogue’ published an exhaustive health-oriented guide to safe anal sex, which quite predictively infuriated the right.

Among those that were shocked and appalled over the sex ed piece was “The Activist Mommy,” who posted a video of herself burning the magazine while decrying that the editors’ brains are “in the gutter.”

The fact that the article was never printed in the magazine but only posted online didn’t exactly make the magazine burning any less ridiculous.

Christian site The Stream, published a story with this awesome headline: “The Predator in the Fashion Magazine: Teen Vogue Coaches Teenagers in Sodomy.”

“Wake up, Moms and Dads! A magazine produced for your teenage daughters is giving them explicit instructions on how to be sodomized,” they wrote.

“It is teaching them to be used by a guy, in a very dangerous way, for his pleasure and satisfaction. It is giving the clear message to every teenage boy that it’s perfectly acceptable to sodomize a girl, to use her, even physically hurt her for the sake of an orgasm.

“It is glorifying as good, normal and healthy, the harmful practice of homosexual sex.”

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One of Teen Vogue’s editors, gay Digital Editorial Director Phillip Picardi, just posted a Tweet storm about the controversy, and it’s gold:

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