Vacationing in Palm Springs

A true vacation paradise for gays and lesbian travelers

First “discovered” by Hollywood celebrities in the 1930’s, Palm Springs has long been a favorite travel destination for open-minded visitors. The oasis in the middle of the desert has drawn people from all over the world to this secluded paradise, and to the easy relaxed life style that always seems to be present.

With several dozens of Gay owned/ friendly hotels, Palm Springs is a true vacation paradise for gays and lesbian travelers. The Palm Springs area offers everything you could possibly want from an exotic getaway, within the limitations of being located in the middle of the desert.

Even though Palm Springs is an excellent party city, there are a few other things you just don’t want to miss.

At the Aerial Tramway you can get a spectacular trip up Mount San Jacinto. Ascending you’ll pass through five different climate zones, each with its own ecology. At the top of the mountain you will get an unbelievable view of the valleys spreading out on each side. This is the perfect starting point for a hiking trip down towards the city.

There are also several different ways to explore the desert itself. You may hike down one of the well-marked hiking trails or you could rent a horse to do the work for you. Whatever type of transportation you choose there will always be a very exciting night-life waiting for you downtown.

Once you hit the party scene in Palm Springs it’s quite obvious that you’re not in just another Small-Town-USA vacation spot. After all we’re talking about one of the big gay getaways in the US, and even though it may not be quite as cozy and charming as i.e. Key West, it definitely will make your visit worthwhile.


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