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As Antoni Porowski continues to navigate his world of fame, food, and travel, his journey in love and relationships mirrors the richness and diversity of his experiences.

Antoni Porowski, the culinary expert and heart of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” has a unique muse for his travel destinations: music videos. In a conversation with PEOPLE, Antoni shared, “My life is music videos. I was inspired when Gwen Stefani filmed her music video for ‘Cool’ in Lake Como, Italy.” His approach to travel, influenced by the glamorous world of music, reflects his eclectic and adventurous spirit. He sees “tour tourism” as an emerging trend, crediting superstars like Beyoncé and his good friend Taylor Swift for inspiring vacations based on concerts and music events.

Antoni’s travel experiences have been diverse, from flying to Kansas City to see The Nationals in concert to exploring sober trips, a growing trend he first experienced in Peru. “I’d definitely go on another one,” he says, noting the significance of living longer, more meaningful lives. His recent trip to Borneo, Malaysia, stands out as one of his most incredible journeys. However, even with all this travel, Antoni admits to being uncertain about his honeymoon destination after his upcoming wedding, highlighting the challenge of choosing amidst so much possibility.

Alongside his globe-trotting adventures, Antoni’s personal life has been equally dynamic. He met Kevin Harrington in 2019, an artist and advertising excecutive whose connection with Antoni was instant and deep. Their relationship unfolded against the backdrop of Antoni’s hectic schedule, filled with filming, book tours, and media appearances. The balancing act between his career and personal life was challenging. Antoni once reflected, “Cooking is a lifelong journey, there is always something new to learn,” a philosophy that seemed to apply to his relationships as well.

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The tension between his professional commitments and his relationship with Kevin was palpable. Antoni’s travel for work often led to missed moments and strains in communication. He openly discussed his experiences with impostor syndrome, saying, “I’m someone who’s experienced impostor syndrome – as I think a lot of people have with their careers, especially when they pursue what they’re passionate about, because they want to be good at it.” This internal struggle mirrored the complexities of maintaining a loving relationship amidst a demanding careerc, and in november 2023 the couple reportedly called it quits.

Antoni’s upbringing and family background also played a role in shaping his approach to life and love. “My father is Polish, and at 68, he still wears a Speedo to the beach, and he wears regular briefs – so did his father. That was my upbringing,” he shared, giving insight into the unique influences that shaped him.

Despite his success and public persona, Antoni grappled with being understood and accepted, especially regarding his identity. “For the most part, it was never assumed that I was gay, and I’ve had people be sort of surprised that I was gay or act apologetic like they didn’t know, which would just make me really uncomfortable,” he explained.

As Antoni Porowski continues to navigate his world of fame, food, and travel, his journey in love and relationships mirrors the richness and diversity of his experiences. In Kevin, he finds a connection that blends the varied flavors of life, embracing the lessons learned and the moments cherished, making his story one of continuous discovery and heartfelt connection.

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About Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski was born March 14, 1984 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He now resides in New York City, U.S.A.

What is he famous for?

Antoni Porowski is a chef, actor and TV personality. He is best known as a one fifth of the “fab five”, hosts of the Netflix makeover show, “Queer Eye”.

After graduating from university, Porowski studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City. He appeared in the movies “Elliot Loves”, “Daddy’s Boy”, “The Pretenders” as well as an episode of the TV series “The Blacklist”.

The “Queer Eye” cast were the recipients of a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Structured Reality Program in September 2018. Porowski signed a deal to write his own cookbook and has also announced that he will be opening his own restaurant in New York City.

Is Antoni Porowski gay?

Porowski has stated that his sexuality is fluid. He and ex-boyfriend Joey Krietemeyer were in a relationship for 7 years, and he got engaged to Kevin Harrington in november 2022. In november 2023, the couple have reportedly called it quits after four years together.

Porowski says that growing up in the liberal city of Montreal, Canada sheltered him from homophobia and predjudice in comparison to his cast mates. Porowski admits he is often perceived as straight, which has also contributed to his more “sheltered” queer experience.

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