How To Pick Up Gay Guys

Pick up gay guys

There are many places to meet gay men, but if you want to pick up gay guys in a bar you need to prepare to be rejected

Dear Max,

I’m single and I would really like to start a relationship.

I went to gay bar to pick up gay guys but the problem is that I was afraid of making the first move.

Could you tell me the way to make a move without embarrassment after all?

Thank you so much.


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Dear Pedro,

There are several reasons why people go to a bar:

1) They are with a boyfriend or friends and they just want to have fun.

2) They are looking for someone to have sex with.

3) They are looking for a boyfriend.

4) They are looking to have fun and maybe a boyfriend.

If you are going to make a move, you should be prepared to be embarrassed or rejected.

He may like you or he may not. What you can do to minimize the rejection is first approach the guy you like, smile and make eye contact.

If you get a response, then talk to him. If he moves away, start looking for the next guy who catches your eye, until you find the right one for you.

It is all about finding the right connection so don’t be offended if someone walks away or doesn’t smile back.

Remember, people are there to meet other people. They all want people to notice them.

Even if someone rejects you, you will make his day. He will be walking away happy that someone tried to talk to him.

So don’t be afraid of approaching anyone. Go out and talk to guys.

If they walk away…their loss and move on. If they stay and talk to you…FABULOUS!!!

Good luck!

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  1. Hi i am 39 years old and will be turning 40 this year am usuallu mistaken as a 35 year old guy i look young at my age in gay standards i only have 7 relationships with a man my last relationship was 5 years ago and been single since am ready to go on and find a new boyfriend my family has mixed emotions about this some accepted some say i will burn in hell, i am catholic but at my age i dont listen to them anymore i would like to start dating again and of course i am eager to have a boyfriend but my magic number is sevn and i dont go to bed with anyone less than seven dates if theyre not patient enough i will leave them am also concerned about safe and i dont give in to anythings without condoms on i love the strawberry flavor thats my favorite anyway i am in Texas and seems like i am on aredneck part so am moving to Washington state instead what acn you advise me going to a new town like bars dating or having some friends in general its hrd to meet some people nowadays because they take advantage i am a nurse and will say i have a lot to offer personality and sense of humor too! Would love to hear your advice..

    • You are doing a very smart thing by not listening to your family on this issue. I think you should only listen to advice when it helps to build you up. Always using a condom is definitely the way to go. I don’t know if I could have the patience to wait until date number 7, but I commend you for it:-) Moving to a new city is one of many ways to help you get a fresh start. I’ve done that before and it’s helpful to get some actual physical distance to your problems. It’s not going to solve them, but it can give you a new perspective that can be very helpful. Good luck! -Max