Break Up Do’s and Don’ts

There are right ways and wrong ways to move on from a relationship

Your old relationship is over and you are ready for new adventures. Here are some tips on what to do and not to do when throwing yourself into a new romance.

Don’t go looking for Mr. Right

It’s easy to jump straight into a new relationship after a break up. Bad idea! Even though you think you have strong feelings for this new person, chances are that your feelings for your ex may be playing with your emotions. Think of your new adventure has a warm bath; it’s delightful, and very relaxing, but soon you will start to sweat and it’s time to get up and out.

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Don’t play in your own backyard

It’s natural to experiment when you come out of a long-lasting relationship but you should definitely take some precautions. Don’t start a romance with a friend or co-worker. There would just be to many problems if the relationship doesn’t work.

Break Up

Be honest with new partners

It’s important to be honest when going into a new relationship. To start a new relationship with hidden agendas is never a good idea. By being honest, you’ll get a better and safer foundation to build your new relationship and thereby improve the chances for the relationship to succeed.

Choose your conversation partners carefully

Talk to your friends and family about the break up but don’t involve your new lover more than to the bare minimum. He/she is not interested in hearing about your old relationships, or about your ex’s.

Don’t compare

Don’t compare your new lover with your ex even though it’s natural to do this in order to prove for yourself that you are better off without him. Use your new romance for what it’s worth; a reassurance that your love life goes on even without your ex.

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This is how YouTubers Dan and Brian are dealing with their break up:


  1. I am sorry for both of you breaking up. I never wanted to break up with my lover; but when he fell in love with someone else and wrote he didn’t want to have anything to do with me, I was crushed and hurt. To add insult to injury, he sent me a pic of his boyfriend and wanted “to be friends.” I had fallen in love with a guy from Britian. He then wrote me and said he went to bed with his former boyfriend. I was crushed again, but I forgave him. He replied by not wanting to have anything to do with me–after I forgave him. I am getting older and the men that I am attracted to will not have anything to do with me. I wish you well, but I have come to the conclusion there is no gay love out there for me. You guys are thankful that you have each other and–not knowing all the circumstances, I wish you nothing but happiness. Think of me; I have been rejected all of my life for who I was.

    • i can totally relate to how you feel…rejection and being toyed with….no love for me out there either. i threw in the towel on that and content with the fact that love isnt meant to be, and i’ll never date again…not worth it, especially after the fckd up relationship i just got out of. i hope he gets what he deserves, and thats the first time ive ever said that about anyone. its not in me to wish harm to anyone, but am mad as hell and i want him to know what it’s like when you love someone unconditionally and give so much, just to be sh!tted on.

    • I understand how you feel. After years of looking got my first bf and he broke up wth me 3 months later years went by and got my second and last bf. The last 2 years we just lived together, so we broke up. When I was ready I started dating again but none of them were interested in me. Got to a point were I felt “burned” from all the rejections. So I realized love is not in my future.