5 Steps to Scoring the Hottest Guy You Know

Score the Hottest Guy You Know

And the reason why your looks may be less important than you think

We’ve all been there. Well, at least I have. Many times. I’ve met an absolutely amazing guy and have given up before even really having tried to hook up with him.

The crazy part is that he may have liked me even more than I liked him. He may have wanted to make pretty little puppies with me, but I never gave him a chance because I lacked the confidence.

So what are you to do? Here are some advice on how you can score the hottest guy you know.

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Visualize your hotness

When you stand in front of the mirror you are likely to see every little flaw that you have. It’s important that you understand that most of the time you are your own worst critic.

Nobody else, unless you have an amazing self confidence, actually see you that way. They see you more like you do in that fuzzy, yellow tinted, bad-lit mirror in the club after a couple of beers.

Before approaching your dream guy, visualize yourself as the hottest guy you have ever seen yourself. I guarantee you, he will see you the same way too.

Mimic your idol, but with your own twist

Who is your idol? Who would you like to look like, and who would you like to be like? You may not be able to copy his look – and you really shouldn’t – but you could copy his style. But make your own twist on it or you will just end up as a badly made clone.

There is nothing wrong with having idols. However, remember that no idols are perfect and that the only reason why they seem so perfect is because you see them in a distance. If you got to see them up close, you would see their flaws in all their glory.

Hottest guy - Stephen Amell

Promote your uniqueness

You may like clones in the bars and on the Internet, but trust me, in the long run you want someone who is unique. And that goes for your future partner too.

If you just want him for a night of hot, dirty fun, that’s totally ok and you can disregard this advice. But if you’re looking for something more then you need to go the extra mile.

You may think that you should try to hide your weirdness in order to score this guy. No, absolutely not. That’s actually the worst thing you could do.

Your weirdness is what makes you unique and what separates you from everyone else. Embrace it and promote it like it’s no tomorrow.

Find common ground

Ok, you’re unique. And, if you followed my prior advice, he’s unique too. So we’re all good, right?

Well, we’ve established that uniqueness is good, but you kind of need to have something to connect you guys together too.

It’s not that hard, really. Just make a mental note of his likes and dislikes. It’s very rare that you cannot find anything to hook on to, and if that should be the case, you’re probably a horribel match and you should move on anyway.

Keep your own life, but compromise

So you have finally met the man of your dreams and you spend every waking hour thinking about him. You think about how to please him and make his life easier all the time.

Wake up, honey! Do you really think a hot guy worth having would want a total pushover? Never lose your own identity to anyone, and if he tries to take it away from you, you should be running like crazy. Remember, love is worth dying for, but it’s defenitely not worth living a horrible life for.

That being said, don’t expect him to give up his life for you either. Don’t sweat the small stuff, keep your integrity and find some common ground to build your life on together.

Follow these pointers and you will have a good chance of hooking up with the man of your dreams.