Dating Two Guys at Once

Dating two guys

Dating two guys can be fun but when is it time to get serious?

Dear Max,
I am dating two guys right now. At first, I thought it was fun, but now it is getting to be too much.

Neither of them know about the other, but we’re kind of moving in the same circles so I’m afraid that they eventually will find out.

It has come to the point where I feel like I’m lying all the time, and I always have to be careful about how I plan my days and what I say.

What should I do?


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Dear Justin,
there is nothing wrong with having fun and playing the dating game for a while. After all, how else are you going to find out who’s out there for you?

However, once there are real feelings entering the game it’s time to get serious. Just decide which one you really want to date and keep with your choice.

I know it is hard, but if you continue with dating two guys at once, at some point they are going to find out and then you will loose them both. And it obviously bothers you, so why would you want to keep unnecessary stress in your life?

Find out which one you love more and which one you want to keep as soon as possible. The other one will survive. Just be honest with yourself and with them.

Good luck!

PS! Some people do manage to get the throuple thing working. A throuple is 3 people in a relationship together, like these guys.

So if you think that could work for all of you, go for it!

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