Why Sleeping Naked With Your Boyfriend May Save Your Life

Sleeping boyfriends

According to several studies there are very good reasons for you and your boyfriend to drop your pajamas at night. And it goes far beyond just the pure joy of being nekkid.

Personally I always sleep naked, but my boyfriend does not. Now I may just have gotten several very good reasons to strip him down because according to Dagens.dk sleeping naked has many benefits for your body, your happiness and your relationship.

Some of these benefits include:

1) You’ll be happier

A British study of 100 couples revealed that there was a clear correlation between how happy they were and sleeping naked together. Couples who dropped their clothes at night were significantly happier.

Another survey in 2014 with 1,000 participants showed that couples who sleep naked were more satisfied with their relationship and their partner, writes Huffington Post.

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2) You sleep better

An American study has shown that you sleep better if you sleep naked. This is due to the body’s natural circadian rhythms. At night your body will try to lower your body temperature in order to conserve energy. If you sleep with clothes on, your body will think that it still is day time and it may take longer for you to fall asleep.

“It can make it harder for your body to calm down,” explains sleep specialist Poul Jennum, head physician at the Danish Center for Sleep Medicin at Glostrup Hospital.

“When you and your boyfriend wake up refreshed this will have a positive effect on your relationship. It turns out that people who are more rested have greater patience and are generally in a better mood. All this helps to ensure that the relationship will be even better,” says the sleep expert.

3) You have more sex

More nudity can mean more sex. Many couples find it more natural to have sex if they’re already laying naked next to each other.

Being naked together even increases the release of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” and this strengthens the bond between you and your boyfriend, writes Dagens.dk.

“When you’re sleeping naked with your partner it signals a green light to intimacy and sex,” says Mathilde Mackowski who is the founder and co-owner of Denmark’s largest online shop for sex toys.

Let's get physical

4) You relax more

If you’re naked in bed with you’re partner you may both experience several health benefits from this. According to Huffington Post,  skin to skin contact may lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels in the body and really just make you happier. So it may actually save your life!

5) Your body get to breath

When you sleep in your underwear or pajamas it creates a warm and humid environment which could increase the risk of developing fungal infections.

So I have some really good arguments now to get my boyfriend naked:-) How about you? Will this information make you shed your clothes at night? Or do you already take it all off? Let us know in the comment field below.

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  1. I sleep naked and pretty much insist on that from anyone who joins me. I sleep so much better! In addition to the benefits listed in the article, just the cool sheets sliding against your warm, bare skin as you climb in is worth it!

  2. For many years I did sleep naked and found it very agreeable, this was when I lived in the Middle and Far East over more than two decades in various places there. Since coming back to live in northern Europe I have however started to wear quite light nightwear in bed, instead of the pyjamas I wore as a child – basically a sort of light loose-fitting T-shirt and light and loose shorts. Sometimes in the summer, if I feel a bit warm, I’ll remove the T-shirt or shorts and sleep that way. Now I am married (to a man), my husband never wears anything on his upper body, but usually wears shorts. This works fine for us and we both sleep extremely well 🙂

  3. My boyfriend and I were always naked when we slept. Unfortunately he is now in health care so we don’t have that opportunity any longer. I miss the intimacy even more because of this. Sleeping naked alone just leaves you wanting.

  4. Well if I had some one to call my boyfriend, I would sleep nude next to you in bed. And making love with that special person. I had a boyfriend when I lived in Texas. But since I moved down here back in 2011. I just couldn’t find the person of my dreams yet. I haven’t been with anyone since. But I really do miss it a whole bunch!!!

  5. I had a rather big operation last August – I have since realised not to be so anxious of my body – rather to enjoy it in all ways possible. I sleep naked every night now – I am alone but still enjoy it – I have just started a relationship with a boyfriend but only just started ! I feel so much more relaxed naked, just wondering if I could attend an optional clothing holiday venue for guys only. It’s seems absolutely nonsense to put any clothing on – why would you I guess in depths of winter put a top on but never a bottom that needs to be free. If it’s any help to you guys I love leggings and men’s sports tights during the day finally relaxed when wearing them – i was recommended when recovering from my op – but given the choice around the house or gardening I always wear these.