Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver’s Steamy Gay Kiss

Openly gay Hollywood actors Charlie Carver and Colton Haynes are making out in new season of “Teen Wolf”

Oh, they grow up so fast!

Charlie rose to stardom as a little kid in the gay fav TV series Desperate Housewives, the inspiration for all those “Real Housewives of [Whatever]” reality shows we (read:I) are so addicted to.

He came out in a series of heartwarming Instagram posts last year.

Colton first became a household name with his role in the 2010 series “The Gates” and then killed it with he’s role in “Arrow”. He’s currently playing in the hit show “American Horror Story”.

He came out in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2016.

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Now the hot Hollywood homos are hooking up in season six MTV’s TV show “Teen Wolf”!

Not only hooking up, actually. They’re in a relationship.

When was the last time you saw some real teen heartthrob’s in a gay relationship on a major US TV show? Well, you can see it here:

Colton spoke to EW about his Teen Wolf character, saying ‘I thought, if Jackson comes back, he’s coming back in a relationship with a guy.Whether that means he’s bisexual or gay, that’s how he’s returning. I just felt like he went off to London and found himself.’

Charlie said, ‘We’re an odd couple. His character’s always been kind of an arrogant prick, so I’m the one who tones him down.’

So, guys, get ready for some really hot fandom action really soon:-)

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