I Have Been Looking for a Man and Now I Have Two

How can you know for sure if the guy you are into is gay or not?

Dear Max,
I have been looking for a guy for some time now and I think I have found two.

I really do not know for sure if they are gay or not though.

The one guy likes to talk to me when his collage friends are not around. He also hits on me when we are alone.

The second guy I met at a church outing. Him and I talked all night about how I grew up and how life is treating me.

The other thing is this guy admits to having a guy relationship.

What am I supposed to do ?


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Dear Danny,
It sounds like both of them are gay, or at least bi. Straight guys don’t usually admit to having had a relationship with another guy. Or hit on other men, even if they are alone.

So if you are interested in one of them, or both, I think you should just ask them out.

Of course, there are no guarantees that they will say yes but if you don’t take any chances in life you’re not likely to reap any rewards worth having.

And they seem to be pretty open minded so if they happen to be straight, most likely they will just tell you without getting upset.

But it is really all up to you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this you can always look for love somewhere else and just keep these two guys as friends. Friendships are important too, you know.

Good luck!

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