How To Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend and Move On

Ian Thorpe and Ryan Channing

If you want to find real love again there are certain things you should never do with your ex-boyfriend

Dear Max,

Can you teach me how to forget a person without any pain?

We have broken up for almost two years, but I still can’t get him out of my head. I keep asking myself “Do I still love him ?” My answer is “NO”.

I can’t do anything to prevent it but I love to send him a message sometimes and he will reply and ask me for a drink.

What are we? I don’t have any idea and I know he already have a new boyfriend.

-Justin in Illinois

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Dear Justin in Illinois,

Unfortunately it’s true what they say: No pain, no gain. You need to go through this horrible pain to realize that he is not the one for you.

Right now you are in that stage where you remember all the good stuff and have forgotten all the bad stuff.

And you may be thinking that you will feel miserable and lonely all your life.

You will meet the perfect match for you, or find a way to be happy without depending on another person. Either way, you will then look back and laugh at your own worries.

It will take time to heal, but you will also need closure.

Stop seeing or talking to this guy until you are over him. Because if you continue to go out with him, you will never go anywhere.

The first step to start feeling good about yourself is having closure in your relationship.

So move on! You will laugh later…I promise you.

Good luck!

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Here’s some inspiration to forget the old and go out and find love again. Olympian swimmer Ian Thorpe and his boyfriend Ryan Channing:-)