John Barrowman Defends Female Doctor Who in Fab TARDIS Gown

Gay actor John Barrowman appeared at the San Diego Comic Con in a Tardis gown to defend BBC producers casting a female Doctor Who

Ok, fashionistas, I guess it was not technically a gown since it went above the knee but nevertheless the British actor looked fantastic in Tardis blue.

“I am the transgender Tardis,” John screamed as he entered the stage.

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He then went on to speak about the casting of a woman as the next Doctor Who:

“When we did the first regeneration, from Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant. People weren’t happy”

He went on to say that the fans got over the age gap between those two actors and that they will get over the casting of a woman (Jodie Whittaker) too.

There is nothing that says that Doctor Who is a he and always has to be a he.

Doctor Who can just as well be a woman, John argues.

“It could conceivably happen if we believe it as that world.

“This is my point today. We all get on that TARDIS, with the doctor, for the journey and the experience.”

Here’s John showing some proud gay love on Insta:

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