Linc and Canyon Got Drugged on Romantic Getaway

Linc and Canyon’s Romantic Getaway
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Love is definitely in the air, and it’s taking Linc and Canyon to exotic destinations! The adorable couple recently jetted off to Tulum, Mexico, for an adventurous long weekend filled with love, sunshine, and jungle vibes, but their trip took a scary turn when the couple got drugged in a nightclub.

In a series of envy-inducing photos and videos, Linc and Canyon gave us a glimpse into their romantic getaway. One particular picture stole our hearts as it captured the couple indulging in some seriously cute couple activities on the beach. From strolling hand in hand to stealing sweet kisses against the backdrop of turquoise waters, these lovebirds sure know how to turn up the romance meter!

The caption accompanying their post read, “an adventurous long weekend in Tulum… IYKYK…regardless of what happened the sunshine and jungle was much needed.” While the caption might leave us guessing about the details of their escapade, one thing’s for sure: their love shines brighter than the Mexican sun!

UPDATE! The couple has now revealed what they meant by the rather mysterious caption on their post yesterday. The couple atually got drugged when they went to a nightclub in Tulum. Listen to their scary story below.

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Linc and Canyon, who hail from Utah, have been spreading love and positivity as openly gay influencers. Growing up in a community where the LGBTQ+ community faces unique challenges, they’ve become beacons of hope for many. Their journey, including Linc’s heartfelt coming out story, has resonated with audiences worldwide, making them relatable and inspiring figures in the LGBTQ+ community.

As they continue to share their adventures and love story with the world, one thing remains certain: Linc and Canyon are #RelationshipGoals, and we can’t wait to see where their love takes them next!

Stay tuned for more updates on this adorable duo and their love-filled escapades!

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