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    Gay TV Host’s Killer Had a Super Lavish Lifestyle

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    Australia is riveted by the case of Beau Lamarre-Condon, a 28-year-old NSW Police Senior Constable, who is the only suspect in the murder of TV presenter Jesse Baird, 26, and his partner Luke Davies, 29, casting a shadow over his previously glamorous life as an influencer. The case has unveiled a bizarre juxtaposition of a lavish lifestyle led by Lamarre-Condon, who portrayed himself as a high-flying influencer, against the grim backdrop of his alleged crimes.

    Lamarre-Condon, who had previously been in a relationship with Baird, was charged after the couple mysteriously vanished. Their disappearance led to a frantic search that ended in horror when Lamarre-Condon disclosed the location of their bodies, concealed in surfboard bags and dumped 124 miles away from Sydney. This revelation came after a week-long search, initiated when bloodied belongings of the couple were discovered in a skip, hinting at a violent end.

    Before joining the police force, Lamarre-Condon was known as a celebrity chaser and blogger, a lifestyle he flaunted on his now-deleted Instagram account. His posts depicted a world of luxury, with images of him aboard private jets, sipping champagne next to expensive designer bags, and enjoying lavish holidays in Europe. This extravagant image raises questions about the source of his wealth, especially given the modest salary of a police officer.

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    Lamarre-Condon’s social media presence, with around 24,000 followers, showed him mingling with international celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, further adding to his influencer persona. Despite this, those who knew him were puzzled by his ability to fund such an opulent lifestyle on a police salary, leading to speculation about other potential sources of income.

    The investigation into the murders revealed that Lamarre-Condon had signed out a pistol from a police gun safe just days before the couple was believed to have been killed. Ballistics tests linked a projectile found at the crime scene to this weapon, deepening the suspicion against him.

    The case has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the dark potential hidden behind the glamorous facades presented on social media. As the investigation continues, the tragic loss of Baird and Davies is mourned, and questions about Lamarre-Condon’s true nature and the extent of his deception are left hanging in the air.

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