‘Younger’ Star Dan Amboyer Comes out as Gay and Married

31-year-old ‘Younger’ actor Dan Amboyer is publicly coming out as gay after marrying his 37-year-old boyfriend Eric P. Berger

The couple has been together for over a decade and married in front of family and friends on October 7. in New York City.

“Being a young actor in the industry, I had a lot of people who strongly advised me to stay quiet,” Dan told People.

“That was hard to live with. But I’ve never played a gay role before and I didn’t want to be limited by some strange perception.”

so, we got married today. #firstdance thx @jamescalleri

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“There are some actors out there now who just keep it as an unspoken aspect of their life and never discuss it in public. But then there are men like Matt Bomer and Zachary Quinto. I look up to them and see how them being so open affected other people and the country’s perception of gay people. And Nico Tortorella, who is also on Younger, has inspired me by the way he’s become such an advocate for sexual fluidity. I think the more open actors can be the less stigma there will be attached, which will be a positive thing moving forward,” he said.

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“I want to live my life moving forward with integrity and pride,” Dan told People. “We might start a family one day and I would feel so strangely if I didn’t celebrate that with all of my family and friends and share that with the fans. This is just the beginning of a wonderful future.”

Eric said that he has accepted Dan’s choice of not coming out earlier both as “a personal decision and a business decision”, and that he has never wanted to push him to come out.

The wedding took place at New York’s Marble Collegiate Church and was attended by family and friends, among them Tony winner Patina Miller, Paloma Guzman and ‘Younger’ creator/producer Darren Star.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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  1. An awesome read and wonderful that he has come out saying that he is gay and being able to marry. I’m an Aussie and not long have come out myself. We’re not allowed to marry yet so I wish them both the very best and a wonderful long loving relationship and life. Well done. Love Ken


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